Thursday, 3 June 2010

fav colour and least fav colour !!!

I am so fed up with doing cutey images and the norm, so i have stepped outside my comfort zone for a while and playing with my heart and not my head. It feels much easier to make cards, when I just go with what I want to do, rather than what I feel I must do lol, you know how it is, you see these wonderful creations, that look just fabulous and deep down you really want to make yours like that, but in reality you know you never can. Well I can say, Im truely enjoying making cards now Im thinking like this.

Well this image has been printed out and on my desk for so long, I keep on picking it up and looking at it, so I thought, lets go with it, I have chosen green as my fav colour and pink as the colour I hate, now I am thinking differently, I have actualy fallen for the colour pink !!! I know - shock horror !!!!

I have the image in two sizes, and used a black fineliner and a white fineliner to bring out certain things, the ribbon is some sticky backed stuff, I have never used it before either, so another first for me lol, the flower is one I made from scratch, in the post below.

Thanks for looking everyone, I am off to the Village fair lol, the only day of the year our village of 10 houses comes to life, the world and his mother will be here this afternoon lol - enjoy your day and I hope its nice and sunny for you guys

Talk soon
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

i love Pink and green so think the card is fab lol!
But i know what you mean - sometimes we do cards because thats whats fashionable rather than what we actually like.
I like to do a bit of both lol
Lisa ;)

Aunty Sue said...

wow this is stunning love everything about it

Cheryl said...

COOL! I love your card. Great job just going with it and thinking out side the box.


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