Friday, 4 June 2010

Little Pickles Party invites

Hi everyone,

Here we have some party invites for my little angel who is 5 soon. Cant believe how fast time has gone. Would give anything to go back to the begininng and do it all again.........................................

My little Pickle had her own ideas about what she wanted with these, so all I have done here is inked the edges, under duress, i must add, and stamped the fairy on, she would not go for the big flowers she wanted well her words were "i need these flowers". She wanted to go to the playdome in Honiton, its just an indoor place full of balls and crap food and 9 quid per head !!!

I wanted Bicton gardens, outdoors, lots of space for the kids, they have an indoor ball area, outdoor play area and get this ICE SKATING - we had a brill time when just me and her went last time - and its only 6 quid per head, so best of both worlds here.

I know she will love it when we get there.

talk soon, sun shine is here and all that

Judie xx

1 comment:

Lisa Jane said...

Oh wow - they are fab... wish i could come ! It sounds a fab party.... what happened topapss the parcel,jelly and ice cream???
Love that little fairy and the gorgeous flowers
Lisa ;)


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