Wednesday, 2 June 2010

No Card today, just playin !!!!

My flowers made from homemade papers and a lot of mess lol

Had some spare time today, no hospitals and no doctors today !!! Yeah, so ive been playin with inks and micra powders today, the end result was some pretty flowers

I drenched the paper (copier paper) in water, dropped on inks from high and blew them around with a straw to get them spread out all over the place.

This is the finished dryed paper that i have used for the green flower. I cut out 4 large flowers and 4 small flowers, shoved them together with a brad and then sprayed them with micra powders so the petals raised and spread .

This is a close up of the paper, love the gold sheen going through it

After I finished doing my fave colour, i decided to play with purple, i dont give this colour much of an airing, i like it but i find it hard to work with, but heres what ive come up with.................

Just a little mess, not to bad to clean up is it, well worth it for not buying flowers.

Thanks for looking guys have a good evening

talk soon
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

Wow Judie .. they are fabulous! I must have a go at that ..the results are so effective . Glad you got a day to play!
Lisa ;)

Cheryl said...

Wow - these are marvelous!

Kathyk said...

Excellent - love playing with mica powders myself - an excuse to make a mess!
Good to see you still finding time to craft.
Hope to meet up with you soon


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