Monday, 29 March 2010

Father Teds leaving present from all the School Children

Hi everyone

What a busy bubble bee I am this week - The Vicar at my daughters school is leaving, hes called Father Nick, but me being me, I keep calling him Father Ted, but he doesnt seem to mind, bless him, anyway, the children at the School and Preschool have all drawn themselves on paper, I have transfered this onto shrink plastic and made a hangy thingy with all there little piccies on.

This is what I started with -

This is my daughters pic, bless her she is only 4, she even wrote her name,

This is the finished article, what do you think ?

This is my daughters finished one

Thanks for looking everyone, ive still got 8 tags to finished for a swap and 20 easter baskets all before Thursday, do you think I can do it ?

Nite all
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

Wow Judie its fab! he will love it .What a beautiful keepsake - but fun too. A loy of hard work which i am sure will definitely be appreciated
Lisa ;)

Lauren Hatwell said...

What a lovely idea. You are so clever to think of that. Must have taken ages to do. Lauren x


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