Friday, 6 January 2012

For the Ditzy Craftymess Quick Challenge

Evening Crafters and friends

This is a quickie for Shendys quick challenge over at Ditzy Craftymess Facebook group - Shendy puts up a quickie challenge for us everyday and we have to complete it before 9pm

I have chosen Marilyn Monroe, because i loves her so so much, its all black and white and the challenge was to use 3 ins of ribbon and 2 brads - (stayed within the guide lines this time)

Update on our moo

We had a couple of REALLY bad days, she was so ill on Tuesday and Wednesday, that I thought we had reached the end of the line, BUT she has bounced back big time, even been out for a walk along the path today, not a long walk but enough for a 3 legged lab lol, shes such a brave sole xx

Also update on Ditzy - Craftymess - we have today chosen our new teamies, so when they have settled in, we will begin our blog challenges as well

Well done to you all


There was meant to be a small post, but i crammed in everything new !!!

Judie xx 

1 comment:

Jane said...

Poor ol' Moo (Not daft bugger!...the dawg!) She's so brave!
As for you...well...where to begin...hmmm...great card (sentiment about me...obviously!!)xx


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