Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My findings

This is my little haven for my findings. I think you have to agree I get 10/10 for tidyness dont I well dont I ???

This is my overflow compartment, I have these things up above opened and using, so this is my back up. Once I use something from down here, then it goes on my lists to replace. Unlike card making, if I dont have a clasp or a head pin or a jump ring, then quite frankly im buggered and I cant go on. In Card making you can always compromise and do something else, dosnt quite work like that in beading.

These are my headpins, jump rings and crimp beads, I have crimps in all colours and sizes now. Watched a video with a friend and the lady kept on saying "clamp it down with all your might" and this has stayed with me to this day, if your reading this Lora, clamp it down gal xx

This is all my wonderful toggles and fishhooks, I am a collector of toggles, I must confess, that I loveeeeeee toggles more than pens !!! shock horror eh !!! A gal can never have enough toggles now can she ???

This is just a mumble jumble of bits that i have taken of things from jumble sales and charity shops etc, I have the intention of doing something, but havent quite got there yet see, im trying honestly, but things like a hubbie, dog and kid keep on getting in the way, oh the things I could make if I wasnt running around after everyone else. I know your nodding away with me lol

Righto, I am off to exeter today, so enjoy your day crafters xx

Judie xx


Kathyk said...

Looks like there's a whole lot of craftiness in those photos - let us see what you make of it all.


Jane said...

Ooh! Tidyness...go on...give it a shake...mess it up a bit!!! Yay! I'm top of the I win a Prize? xxx


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