Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A leafy bracelet and 12 Stiches !!!!

Well we are back from London, still no joy with a house !!!! Came back to my son ripping his arm open playing sumo wrestling at midnite in the garden !!! I know, mental case, but he now is the proud owner of 12 stiches in his arm and the inconvenience of having to wrap his arm in cling film when he wants a shower, that will teach ya Scotty Boy

Not much going on here, Im messing with jewellery still ..........................................

I brought these bronze leafs a while back and keep meaning to do something with them, I struggled with this, as 3 leafs was not enough and 4 was way to much. So had to add more jump rings in there than i would have liked, I used the toggle set which is my fave at the mo, just love the beaten look of it.

Thought I would give a wee glimps at my bead board, its just as messy as my crafting table lol, The trouble is you always end up with a few beads or findings left, come on beaders reading this, Im right yeah ???? do you always clear up after ??? I just cant be bothered with all that, when I get in the jewellery mood I just keep on going and going. I love beads and findings of all discriptions, but I love the tibetan really gets my juices going, came back from the craft fair with loads of tibetan stuff.

Anyways, I show my findings tomorrow, I think your be surprised at the tidyness of it !!! Of to the post box now, I have forgotten to post your money to you clare sorry !!

Happy crafting

Judie xx


Jane said...

Thought mine was the "crazy-House" ...sumo wrestling at midnight...Bizarre!!! Bueatiful bracelet Judie...whatever next!!! xx

Kathyk said...

What a pretty bracelet, wtg Judie.

Hmmm - would I be impressed to come home to find my son sumo wrestling in the garden at midnight and ripping his arm open? Guess not - but perhaps he won't be doing THAT again! Hope he recovers soon, the bit with the cling film is going to be majorly tiresome real quick isn't it?

All the best


Lisa Jane said...

Oh my .. hope his arm recovers soon lol.. love that little bracelet..
Lisa ;)


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