Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yeah Ive won an award !! woop woop

This has cheered me up so much, thanks so much Lauren for giving this to me.

This award comes with just a few conditions and they are these:-

1 - You must thank the person that gave it to you - Well Lauren your a star, thank you so much for all the fun visits you have given me with your daily chicken diarys lol !!!! They are such fun to read and I look forward to them everyday.

2 - You must post it on your blog with pride - Oh yes, with sheer pride I post my award

3 - List three things you like about yourself - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is a hard one...........................I am a good mum and work hard on this everyday, I am proud of how I coped with being smacked in the face with the nastiest disease pneumococcal meningitis, this is our story, I love the way I have such a passion for Netball and enjoy teaching and playing it ( I know, I dont seem the type lol, but I did play for England a very very long time ago)

4 - A Picture I love - with out a doubt, this was taken a couple of days before Pete became ill, so represents everything we had and we are still fighting to get to.

5 - Tag 5 others - hmm difficult one this but here goes

Lisa Jane

Thats is for now crafters
judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

Thank you so much Judie .. its really kind of you.
I have received the same award twice this week .. and i am overwhelmed by the kindness of the ladies who have nomiated me . How lucky am i?
Lisa ;)

Happy Days said...

Thanks for thinking of me Judie. I'm about to blog the award as I've received it a few times and am honoured that anyone actually thoght to give it to me!

I've just read yours and Pete's story and can only say how sorry I am, but that I'm in awe of how you've both coped. Hoping things are on the up and up for you both. Claire x

Kathyk said...

Thank you so much for this award

lovely piccie btw


kay said...

thanks judiex


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