Wednesday, 25 August 2010

another award !!! get me !!!

Cant belive I have won two awards this week, really has made my week !!! This is from the lovely Lisa Jane - Thank you so much for this, You are truly a star in the making - mhaw xx

Righto, I have to pass this on to 7 peeps and tell you 7 facts about me !!!

Okies - 7 Peeps

Gosh that took some hunting around lol and now for 7 boring things about moi !!

1. I hate gardening, theres zilch fun in that for me FULL STOP
2. I looooove to Iron
3. I play and teach Netball !!!
4. I can do sign language
5. I draw lots and lots, but never show them lol
6. I have a pair of size 6 jeans in my wardrobe that used to fit !!!
7. (stole this from lisa), I always have painted toes

There bet you enjoyed reading that rubbish about me eh ???

So big thank you Lisa for giving me this award, I will post it with pride and love

happy crafting crafters
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

Goodness ... you are talented .. and you like IRONING?????
and where are these drawings? lets see them!
Lisa ;)
my pleasure to pass on the award - your a great blogging buddy

Eiglas said...

Hi Judie!
Thank you so much for this award - I will treasure it and leave it in my will to my favourite teddy-bear at the time...!

Vixykins said...

Fankoo sweetie! Have left you sumfnk on mine x

Jane said...

EEK! My first ever...I'd like to thank my agent, the crew, my make-up artist who covers the cracks HDTV would show, the script writer for such a great story-line, my family for their love & support but most of all I'd like to thank Crafty Cardmakers for introducing me to Judie! Tears rolling down face, standing ovation, applause...was it all a dream? I'm honoured you thought of me, would say I'm sppechless but have blabbed on too much!! Fankoo!! XX

Lauren Hatwell said...

Thanks Judie. How kind you are.
Also, a big thank you for my lovely pack of goodies that arrived today. Ooooh so much scrummy gorgeousness AND one of your works of art. How lucky am I?

Lauren x

Kathyk said...

Rats - someone beat me to it . . . left you a little something on my blog - looks like you'll have to think of seven more!!!



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