Thursday, 17 June 2010


Well, I have cheated here as my folks are staying at the mo and I cant get to my craft space, so when I finished creating all the stuff for my little girls party i took the photos, hope this is acceptable, I have withdrawal symptoms now lol

This was taken just after I finished making her birthday card, she wanted a crown, if you want to see if close up its just down the page a bit. Wont be messing with beads like this again though to much trouble.

Oh if you havent brought docrafts glitter glues, dont bother they are crap, I got up in the morning and the glue had not adherded to the papers at all, so good old sir tims glossy accents finished the job lol

The basket in the middle is the stuff i use all the time, inks, glues and sprays, the pink boxes hold flowers, ribbons and gems, but i think i need some more of these as they are a bit cramped now lol - and yes I have a big thing for pens and pencils except those promarkers !!!! they just are not my cup of tea lol

Hope you all have a good day and ill pop round to see everyones later today, am off to do some shopping, for once it does not involve craft stuff at all. Need some summer clothes desperately

So hope everyone has a brill sunny day

talk soon
Judie xx


Sid said...

Fab pen basket, loads to look at on your wall too !!

Lisa Jane said...

fab pics Judie , quite tidy lol
Have a great day shopping, i am supposed to be taking my daughter for holiday clothes too
Lisa ;)

Sunshine Girl said...

Fab workspace and card looks great too.

Piddawinkle said...

this looks like a great space to work, how annoying when things get in the way of craft even if it is life and you do enjoy it

Candace said...

Had a look at the card, really pretty

Enjoy this lovely weather we are having

Hugs Can x

Julia Dunnit said...

Pretty card! The glitter glue osd more wet than glue and more glue than glitter...found out the sme way as you! Just think when you can get back to your desk how creative you will be - al the ideas floating around while you can't have a go.....

Kathyk said...

Fab work space - I have a thing for pens too (including Pro Markers though!).
Have a great weekend.

Maz said...

Those boxes at the side look really pretty! x

Paper and Ribbons said...

Love all the pens in the basket and the card looks fab!

Spyder said...

very amazing how nothing falls out of that open draw, things fall outta mine and they are the right way up! Have a good crafty weekend


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