Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Party bags !!!

Well they are finaly finished lol, went everyway round with these and the mess is another story for wednesday WOYWW !!!

I used A5 card and cut in half, added tissue cut into triangles and double side taped the edges up, I embossed them with birthday and balloons, have to say my heat gun was not impressed with that amount of action, thought about putting handles on but then thought, when my daughter has been given a party bag, she empties its contents and the bag is chucked on the floor !!! So why bother with handles lol, so I just used loads of ribbons and curled them up.

I know there not the greatest, but she wanted to make them with me and had her own ideas so this is the end result

talk soon
enjoy your day
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

they are fab and the children will love them!
Happy Birthday to the little one and hope you all have a fabulous day filled with fun.
I am taking my big girl somewhere special today to celebrate the end of her exams .. see my blog at midday
Lisa ;)
ps thanks for your kind words
Lisa :)

Aunty Sue said...

I love them and how many can say they have handmade party bags

Denise said...

They're fabby & such personalised handemade bags, i've got loads of the white bags with handles that i use for the kids even crimbo time. it's the ones that kids use for there packlunch at school.x

Kathyk said...

FAB bags Judie - very colourful - I'm sure all the littleys were thrilled with them



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