Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The finished Easter baskets !!!!

Easter Baskets
Well finally I did finaly finish them, and as promised here are the piccies, have had a lot going on in the "Savage-Lovell" household

Been at this on and off for over a week, but as they were what im taking away with me to My mummys for easter for all my nephews and nieces I knew I could leave them to last.

I have made them from card strips, penny black stamps with glitter on and glossy accents. Then filled with lovely choccie treats. We use the baskets afterwards for the egg hunt, i hide bunnies in the garden, hopefully the weather will be okay, and every time they find the bunnie they bring it back and collect a mini egg to pop in there baskets, guess they wont be eating much lunch or dinner will they lol, but hey, your only a kiddie once.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter

Judie xx

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