Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wallet card and crimbo pressies

Afternoon Crafters !!!

Im back from the dead lol, I was knocked sideways with a nasty bug spent a week recovering and then it was crimbo !!! 

That sure crept up quickly on me lol -  Miffed big time, I spent ages and ages making loads of cards and a few pressies, but two maybe three have not arrived !! I will wait until next week and if they still have not arrived I will have to redo them for my wonderful friends Shendy and Kim xx

Shendy had posted this over at our little facebook group - 

Make a wallet

Take an aa4 piece of card portrait, fold in half portrait wise, then fold into 1/3 and 2/3 ( just

 one fold) landscapewise. Cut the smaller piece down the centre and fold up wards to make

 pockets, glue edges to make the pockets.

Decorate 2pieces of card to fit either pocket in a journalling style, with room to write 1-6 on 

one piece 7-12 on the other. We will be writting a list on these points soon

The decoration can be any style any colour etc, but you must use in the making something 

that you had new for christmas lol.

Well we all have had fun making this -

 Now she has given us the second part -

 on each of the points you have to write something you wish to accomplish in the next 12 

months relating to craft eg my 1 will be to finish my qualification, 2 will be to meet with angie 

and judie sometime this year, 3 will be to attenend ally pally 4, to get better at encaustic art 

this month march.......and so on. As you complete your task you can date it, it may be to learn 

something new or a craft commitment or achievement or even a piece of equipment you want

 to buy and master anything at all...just 12 of them and this time next year we will see how 

many you have achieved

So here is what I have come up with - I really hope that I can do these, but 

the cute one with ribbons and flowers !! ekkkkk 

Im already running lol 

What goodies did you all get for crimbo ?? I got this little selection and im proper chuffed to finally own the tattered flower die from sir Timbo xx

Hope you all have had a great crimbo and got lots of crafty stash xx

Judie xx


Jane said...

Sob! Sigh! I got zilch in the Crafty department! I got a garden 'Dibber' n' a Patio / Decking wire-brush (jealous Huh?!)
Hope you're feeling better, horrid feeling crappy at Christmas.

Lisa Jane said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better now Judie.
Wow all your stash looks fabulous .. bet you cant wait to play
Here's to a Happy and healthy 2012
Lisa x

Shirley-anne said...

Love the look of all your craft candy pressies .
My pressy will be a reno on my craft room in new year ..oh boy which is now ..
Hope you are well as you read this ..


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