Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shrink plastic jewllery

Afternoon everyone

Ive been making jewellery today with shrink plastic - Xmas is a coming and Im always the mad idiot running around on xmas eve trying to finish present shopping lol - so I am ahead, cards are done and dusted and I have started on my presents !!! Feel very organised (((not like me at all)))


Hope your all managing to stay safe and warm with this horride blowy weather, my poor bird table has gone over hundreds of times today.

Judie xx 


~ Ali ~ said...

Very pretty love it

Ali x

Linda said...

Judie this is beautiful. Love it! I enjoy playing with shrink plastic too but nowhere near as good as you :)

Linda xxx

Sheen said...

This is gorgeous, Judie! I have played with shrink plastic a little in the past and still have oodles of it in a box. I loved creating pieces for pendants but very amateur compared to your results...wonderful!
Hugs x

Dawn said...

Lovely set! Great work!
Dawn xx

Becky said...

Oo this is lovely, Great work.
Becky x

Jane said...

Is there no end to this womans talents!! Answers on a postcard to 'Judies Got Talent!' lol. Send instructions...I've got some of that shrink stuff somewhere!!! xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow this looks gorgeous .. i love the flowers
Lisa x

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful Shrink Plastic jewelry pieces!


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