Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stamped Image Swap

Morning Campers !!!

Cor tis very wet, very windy and very cold here in Devon !!

Heres a piccie i drew to warm you all up lol !!!

Feel free to use him however you want, copy him, swap him, scan him I dont mind I drew him for Leahs 

Talking of Stamped Images, Im a little bit miffed that I got my knuckles slapped by Mo Manning and Sugar Nellies recently for swapping stamped Images.  But I have dug a bit deeper into this and it seems that Trimcraft are running a Stamped Image Swap and have been for over a year. 

 So whats good for them is good for Craftymess Forum, Our stamped Image swap is back up - Everyone is welcome to join in 

Come on over and join in the fun, be warned though once you end up in the live chat, not much crafting gets done lol

Have a good day

Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

oh don't mention camping Judy!! I am off for the weekend to york !
LOve the dragon- how fab are you !

Lisa x

Jane said...

Is there no end to your must spend 24 / 7 at it (crafting I mean...filthy beast!!) Now...lurv that iz way clever xxx

Sandie said...

You're not wrong Judie, it's definately cold and wet here,lol

Love that Dragon,will save it,could come in handy for one of my grandsons.....

Sandie x

Lisa said...

Wow, that dragon is fabby. what a talent you have xxx


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