Monday, 21 March 2011

Still on my Marilyn Monroe trail

Morning Crafters

What a weekend eh ?? we are at war AGAIN - I might affend a few people here, but I strongly disagree with this, this is a bit like Iraq, even when we have gone it will still happen.  Let them get on with it and use the money to help Japan out instead !! Rant over with now

Not quite - RUGBY !!! What a pants game that was !!! The only try was a prop !!! wtf is that all about ???

I know we won the six nations and well done to them for that, but after that performance I think Ireland deserved it big time

Okies, Rant def over now lol - Back to crafting 

Another ATC again with Marilyn Monroe, I adore this woman and I love the stamps I have off her, so much can be done with them.  Again I messed around with the background with sticky fingers and drips of colours and then stamped and embossed her and added ribbons and old jewellery to her.  This is for the ATC swap over at Craftymess forum.  

Im still playin catch up over there, didnt realise that putting a group of people together would create so many challenges 

Catch ya all later 

Judie xx 


jackid said...

Hi Judie love this one too sorry Rugby wasn't what you where hoping for don't watch it here it's all football weekends are run by it lol as for your oppinion on the war I think we would have been pulled into it anyway by the sounds of things it's sudamn all over again (if that's how you spell his name) but in a way yeah I agree let them sort it out themselves but nothing is ever that simple is it
Jacki xx

Lin said...

Have to tell you Judie, you haven't offended me with your comment. I agree 100%. This is not about helping an oppressed people, I might just see the reasoning behind that, but it's about ruddy oil again! If this were some country with no oil reserves they would be left to get on with it. Did we invade ruddy Zimbabwe when they were having all their troubles.

Sorry ranting, and I came here to comment on your lovely artwork. As usual you have produced something different and totally gorgeous. Oh to have that figure!

Lin xx


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