Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bits of tic & tac

Afternoon Crafters

This is what I have been fiddling with for quite a few hours now, started late last nite, but have now finished it. Has kept me off Facebook, so it has to be a good thing eh ????

I have been sorting out all the "findings" of the card making world lol, never realised I had so much !!! No can never have enough, can I ???

This is one of my hat boxes, its filled with brads and pegs and odd bits that dont really belong anywhere.

This is a right ole mixture here lol, Sir timmys pins and bits, corner bits, cork bits and lots of old money and charms. 

This is a little tin I coloured up, should have taken a piccie of it with the lid on, but ones son has run off with ones memory card AGAIN !!! This hold all my words, but i can see the odd number and the odd letter in there, tut tut, i have a seperate place for these.  These seem to be a thing Im fixing on at the mo, it used to be pens, but I think Ive been there and done that lol

If I dont get on tomorrow


Judie xx 


Lisa Jane said...

HI Judy - happy New year to you too.. wowzer loys of bits of stuff... gorgeous .. pure heaven lol
Lisa ;)

Jane said...

Groovy page dude!! Luvin' yer crafty stash snaps...there's nothing like a quiet afternoon spent stroking yer! xxx

Sandy Ang said...

Such wonderful stash ! Happy New Year If you have a fav project of 2010, love for you to come by and it link up.


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