Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A few treats for moi !!

We were out looking for paint, and found these !!! How bazar !!! Cant look a gift horse in the mouth now can I ???

While I was looking for wallpaper for my bedroom, I suddenly thought, oh er missus, whos gonna mind if I have a bit extra for cardmaking !!! Im sure Im not the only one out there to do this - right ?? Well if I am the only one, then there will be a mad exit from all crafters home as they read this and they are all heading en-route for the local wallpaper shop lol

Now just remember crafters dont be too greedy !!!

Happy crafting
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

lol.. how could you resist!
Cant wait to see the decorated bedroom

Jane said...

Lucky Girl!!! Will your boudoir have words around it...can't wait to see what you do!! lol xx

Little Celtic Fairy said...

i have the black and white chipboard buttons - fell in love with them so badly i had to buy the pink ones too... :)


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