Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Cardboard box Robot called Dave & buttons !!!!

Well during the last few months, we have been saving our cardboard boxes, for what we didnt know, but dah dah !!!! This is Dave !!! Hes Pickles new bestest friend - this is him before we got him dressed in lots of backing papers, sliver duct tape and lots of buttons

Im talking about the big tin of buttons I found at the recycling centre, heres a lookie inside for all you buttons lovers lol

And I found lots of different odds and sods that can def be used elsewhere

Oh and I found this button, you have no idea how excited I got from finding this (I know, im sad, but since hubby was poorly, he always has a red bull each day, we all take the micky out of him for "needing" a red bull, so when I saw this the light came on in my brain and I know I can use this to make his birthday card which is in about 6 weeks time. Sorted, as they say

And heres one of the pickle posing with the buttons in use, making Daves head

And here we have Dave standing to attention for all to admire, dont ya think hes just great lol, Pickle hasnt put him down yet !!! Result, I can do some crafting now !!!

Enjoy your day peeps, off to finish the house work and then do some "judie" crafting lol
Judie xx


Kathyk said...

Sounds like the perfect combination, family crafting followed by "ME" crafting - splendid project - looks like you may have worn her out in the process too!


Happy Days said...

Dave is just way too cool!!! If Pickle gets bored while you craft, you could always get her to sort the buttons into colours and then count them! x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow ,i love Dave .... i need one!
Doe she do the hosuework?
And those buttons.... wow i cant wait to see what you create with them all.
Lisa ;)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Don't know which to drool over first...fab robot OR giant tin of buttons. Fab robot first I think. He's a triumph! Lx

Vicky said...

this just looks so fun, bet the kids were in there element, have you got a thing for buttons or Sooooo many...

How are you luv, keeping busy in the hols with the kids I bet eh

Hope your all keeping well

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Great craft to do with the kids! Robots are always popular! this is cute!


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