Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fairy Tag

Hi everyone,

Ive been sulking in a corner, as my poor Murray didnt get through :( He gave a good fight though I thought, so not this year

Anyway, heres another tag. Fairys again, got a thing about them, saw these toadstalls and fell in love with them, used lots of sticky fingers sprays to get the colours on these, painted the toadstalls in with distress inks, first for me lol - The fairy has some netting on for her wings

Anyway great news, In about 4 days time I will have a craft room !!!! So excited about this, cant wait to get it out of my bedroom, I spread so much and have to clear the bed and surfaces before I go to bed - would love to just leave it all out so i can carry on where I left off lol

So I will be absent from here once the move commences lol

talk soon
judie xx


Kathyk said...

Fab tag.
A craft room? You LUCKY thing - how I envy people with a whole room to craft in!


Jack said...

Great tag. I love the idea of the netting wings.

Happy Days said...

Another fab tag. I love your toadstools and the net wings. x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Loving your beautiful Tag Judie. Deeply jealous of your craft room. You lucky girl, you. deserve it.


Lauren x


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