Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bargain or what ????

Well went along to the Salcombe Regis Fair, god it was so so busy, but look what i spotted !!!! All this for a tenner, yep you read that right, a TENNER !!!!

It was on the first stall i came to, so had to carry it around for a while, but my wonderful 19 year son turned up and I gave it to him to lug home lol. Have played a bit with it, but was so late last nite putting the pickle to bed, that i didnt get a card made so will have to wait to later lol

I really want, no I really need a flourish die, anyone have any ideas where i can get one cheap ?? thankie you

talk soon
Judie xx


Lisa Jane said...

HI Judie - what a bargain!! Too right!
Bet you will have fun with all that.
Thanks for your lovely comment and your kind words. We will stay positive and i am sure something will come up.
I use part of a flower die for a flourish - i cut the flower head off and am left with the flourish
Lisa ;)

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Judie
you sure got a bargain there, have a look on ebay for the flouish, you are sure to find one.
christine x

Kathyk said...

A TENNER?????? What a smashing bargain that was!!! Well done you

carol said...

OH MY Judie, what a great find, enjoy playing with all this hun, x carol

Craftyrose said...

Wow that truly is a bargain hunny! Enjoy playing with it! xx


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