Thursday, 24 June 2010

Baby Deans Birthday Card

This is the card I have made for little baby Dean, although hes now 4, I still call him Baby Dean, I used to be a childminder and had him when he was a little tiny baby. So the name has stuck. But I have been told by him, thats hes big boy Dean now lol, been put in my place !!!

I used some Zebra print papers and cut the zebra out to pop in the middle, found some black and white stripped paper and made a ribbon effect across the middle of the card and I just felt it needed something more, I knew I couldnt put "flowers" on a big boys card lol, so i opted for buttons with some tiny stars on them.

He liked it when we gave it to him at his party, but wanted to take the buttons off lol

Talk soon everyone
Judie xx


Kathyk said...

What a delightful card - I love it!


Happy Days said...

Oh I like this card. The zebra paper is fab and I love those buttons. x

Lisa Jane said...

I love that zebra paper! i bet he loved that card
Lisa ;)


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