Friday, 26 February 2010

Polly Craft Designs Blog Candy

Morning everyone,

Golly gosh, it maybe a sunny day but its so so cold !!!
We are all excited in our household this morning as we finaly get a Text house phone for my wonderful hubbie, for those who dont know, Pete was left deaf last year after having Phn. Meningitis. So this is a huge huge step forward for us all, cant wait to see him using the phone again. He says hes not excited, but i can see the sparkle in his eye lol - we also get to pick up a vibrating alarm clock, so i can finaly stay in bed and not have to wake him up, you all know what its like with little ones, as soon as you get up there up and then theres not a chance in hell of getting back into that warm bed !!!
Anyway, over at Polly craft Designs she has got some wonderful blog candy to be won, hit the link at the top and it will take you over there. Some proper yummy digi images to be had. ME ME please !!!! She is also offering a very big discount for shopping in her shop today as well.
Righto were off, I image that we will, well he will be spending a lot of time on the phone today !!!
sees ya all later
Judie xx


Aunty Sue said...

Hi i met a hearing dog last month and oh it was amazing it woke her up in the morning by licking her face and told her when the door went and best thing is if there is a fire or danger it just lies on her feet and then take her to the spot. SO clever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judie, though it is sad to hear about your Hubby, isn't it marverlous what technology has to help these day's...
How do you get on with getting these gadget's...some NHS places are harder than other's...Post code lottery thing in some cases...

It took my Mom 4 year's to get a new shower...



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