Thursday, 14 January 2010

How to make a wallet card

A lot of peeps are asking how to make one - so this is a guide to how I make a wallet card, there are different versions out there, but this is how I make mine.

I have taken photos and will try my hardest to explain what im doing in each photo !!! this will be fun lol -

enjoy everyone

Judie xx

Firstly take a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock that will be the base of your card, depending on how much stuff you put on, you wont see a awful lot of it.

Turn the cardstock over, so your working from the back

Decide how big you want your card to be, this is looking at it side ways, I always go just over halfway mark on a 12 x 12 cardstock

Fold the card on this line, you are now looking at it open before it has been folded to look like a card

Now fold it again, you should have a 12 x 12 in near enough quarters.

Now open it and you should have something like this, perhaps yours is longer or shorter depending on how big you wanted your card in the first place.

Now open your card completly, this is how you make the pockets for the wallet, that you can put things in, I always put in images and perhaps a little bag of bits and bobs - So you can see I have just taken a ruler and cut from the middle to the side making a V shape

Now open it again and pop on some double sided sticky tape, you dont need much just along the sides, not the bottom as i fist did, when i made my first one, could not open the pockets to put anything in !!!

Push them down now and da da you have made a wallet card !!!! It does sound harder than it is, but trust me its so easy once you have done it a couple of times you wont need this at all, your be a pro.

Now to decorate your card, I have choosen to distress the edges, then use my black soot pad to stamp some flowers on, I used a decoupage lady, add some flowers and ribbon, punch some holes to the ribbons do up to hold in place, i have decorated the inside and the back as well, just because i felt mine needed some thing more,

Heres the finished article

Well this has taken me over 4 hours to to !!!  so if you have any problems feel free to email me and i will try to help you.

Thanks for looking everyone and for any comments you leave.

Judie xx


scrappyjacky said...

Very clearly explained and photographed....well worth the 4 hours!!!!

miscanthuscrafts said...

now i know what a wallet card is!!
well done for getting the tutorial set up. Clare X

Kathyk said...

Me too - thanks for the info.
Nice finished piece

Lauren Hatwell said...

Great instructions and a great project. Well done Judie...SO worth the four hours! Lauren x


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