Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hi everyone,

Thanks for following my blog, I have made the decission to leave docrafts, I cant post on the forums, only when it allows me, which is a bit sparadic at the best of times, i cant upload images into MY gallery (thats a joke, MY gallery) and I cant reply to pms, so theres not much point really in being there.

I will run my envelope swap from here, so all those that are interested watch this space it will be anouced soonish !!!!

Thanks for all your support and comfort, esp last year when we lost my wonderful sister - take care

Judie xx


Maureen [docrafts] said...

Hi Judie,
Sorry to hear you are leaving docrafts. Can the moderator not sort out any problems you are having as it seems a bit unfair if you cannot even upload to your own gallery? I will miss you and it was fun posting with you on the site. I will continue to follow the envelope swap as it is a good source for getting bits and pieces. I enjoy doing the swaps. Hope you get thing sorted but will keep popping over or you can get me on my blog. htp://
Take Care,

carol said...

Morning judie, its a laugh when you cannot even upload into your own gallery,
Hope you are well hun, will keep popping by to see what you are good!!
x carol (crofty DC)

Kathyk said...

DoCrafts loss will be another forums gain then - just looking at your blog - nice work Judie


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